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Hey there!

I’m Kristina Delgado and I’m so excited you are here. I’m a recently retired lawyer, work-from-home Wife, Mom of 2, and self-made million dollar earner as an online health and fitness Coach. That’s a tongue twister! But yes, that’s me now and I love my life! In 2010, my life completely changed when my sister, Becky, introduced me to what would become my new passion, my inspiration for change, my {Raise the Bar} platform to help thousands of men and women take charge of their health, their wellness, and their happiness.


It was only seven years ago that my husband, Danny and I were new parents to Marli (2 at the time) and DJ (4 months at the time) and I was an overworked and underpaid Junior Associate at a big Miami law firm. While I loved being a lawyer and the perceived power that comes from that job, I was in the worst shape of my life, miserable, and completely stressed out. And we were in debt ~ massive, boat loads, talking bankruptcy kinda debt. Ya know, the kind that most people were in when the U.S. economy took a dump in 2008. You see, when we were newlyweds we had it all. Danny was a retired professional baseball player who began investing in real estate on his off time. He was the sole provider for us while I chased my dream of becoming a lawyer. But it came crashing down and we felt it. Hard.

enter beachbody

...and a few life events that caused me to unleash my potential. First, I watched Becky get in amazing shape with P90X and Insanity. I was so f’ing jealous of her! Let’s be honest getting up early to workout before work with two babies at home isn’t easy. And she was doing it. Before kids we were both in shape, I taught Spinning 3 times a week, lived at the gym kinda-girls. And I had become a damn couch potato wearing maternity jeans 7 months post-partum while she pranced around in a bikini. So yea, jealous. When she became a Coach, instead of pushing me to get back into fitness right away, she introduced me to a shake. A shake. And that shake became my LIFE. It brought me back to life. It’s called Shakeology and within 3 months I had dropped 30 pounds of pregnancy weight, I felt different, I had energy, it caused me to want to eat healthy and stop drinking 5 cups of coffee per day. Hook, line, sinker. I was a Shakeology lifer. This stuff was incredible. *Results Vary

my business was born

Second, Becky told me to become a Coach to get my shake at a discount and then invited me to attend a live event with her. Now, you have to understand ALL the issues that came along with this. Having me become a Coach meant that I was now part of a multi-level marketing scheme. You know, the ones skeptical ass people like me call a “pyramid scheme.” And that event, surely a cult gathering, where I would feel so uncomfortable that I would just buy things to make people stop talking to me. That’s what I was joining. But she was my older sister and I complied. Thank God I did. But I was still THAT person that said: 1) I don’t have time for this; 2) this is a scam; 3) it’s too good to be true. As a lawyer you are trained to be skeptical, to question everything. And I did. But when I saw the need for these products in the people around me who watched me bounce back from pregnancy and the emotional state I was in ~ I knew I had to share them. Whatever that meant. And my business was born.

the real work began

Third, and I will fast forward through all the ups and downs, trials and tribulations that come with a new business in the first two years but when DJ was 18 months old he was diagnosed with the “A” word. Autism. “Mrs. Delgado, your son has Autism Spectrum Disorder,” (ASD) is what our Neurologist said that November day. And immediately, I felt like I was kicked in the gut and saw our entire world crashing down. What? ME? How can MY son have Autism? Are you kidding me? He’s supposed to grow up and become a pro ball player like his father. This can’t be real or true. No. But it was real. And it only took a few days for me to realize this wasn’t about ME and that freed us to spring into action and get him the BEST care possible. We were going to fight for DJ.


That life event was what caused me, for the first time, to feel like a Mom. I know this may sound very odd but I had identified myself as a lawyer up to that point.  I took so much pride in my career. And having grown up in a household where we saw our Dad more than our Mom because of her demanding job, I rationed that it was just the way life was supposed to be. I would see my kids right before they left to school and bed, I would miss most school functions and events, I wouldn’t be there when they were sick. And I made myself believe that was OK. Until I knew, when DJ was diagnosed, that it wasn’t. In the Summer of 2013, I set the goal. I would retire from being an attorney and come home. The real work began.

see ya later

Our initial goal was August 2014. We needed to not only surpass my current income but also be able to afford COBRA insurance so that there would be no lapse in DJ’s behavioral therapy services. This was a huge and scary undertaking but I was up for the challenge. And during that year, our Team grew leaps and bounds. And because of the wildly successful 21 day Fix program, we cut our goal short and I turned in my letter of resignation in May, 2014. I would have the entire Summer with the kids.


On May 15, 2014, I said “see ya later” to my work family, to my secretary, to my clients, to my 2 hour daily commute, to my life for 8 years and I came home. To live the American Dream. To own and lead our own business, live life on our terms and be present in my children’s lives.


Fast forward to today, I’ve {Raised the Bar} of our life and the lives of so many others. While my Beachbody accomplishments are many, I cherish most the thousand of people that have been directly impacted by the work our Team, Diesel Nation does ~ day in and day out. Marli and DJ are flourishing in school and Danny and I’s relationship is stronger than ever!


Welcome! I hope that I, at least in part, can inspire YOU to {Raise the Bar} of your life.



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