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My Hydrate Review and FAQ | Beachbody Performance Line

October 10, 2017

Throughout the 80 Day Obsession Test Group these past couple of months, Danny and I have been using Beachbody’s ENTIRE Performance Line. And they’ve made a world of difference—worth every single penny! But I know that most people have never tried the Performance Line… or even heard of it. And that’s why I’m sharing more about them with you!

Last week I talked about Energize, the pre-workout formula. This week it’s all about Hydrate!

What is Hydrate? FAQs

Similar to Gatorade, Powerade, or any of those sports drinks (but so much better and I’ll touch on why later), Hydrate is Beachbody’s during-workout formula. Keep a bottle full of this stuff by your side during every workout and I promise, you’ll KILL IT and feel so much better afterward—I know I do!

Why is Hydrate better than just drinking water?

Water is great, we all need water, but it doesn’t replace everything our bodies lose when we exercise. We need electrolytes, carbohydrates, AND water, and Hydrate was formulated with the perfect ratio of each!

How does Hydrate work?

If you’re into all that technical jazz, here’s the gist of it:

Hydrate had 3 key aspects: first, there’s the hydration blend. This is a combinations of minerals that help to maintain our bodies’ ideal balance of fluids and replace electrolytes. Next is quercetin, the same ingredient in Energize that give it that CRAZY yellow color. But it does more than just make the drink look cool, it also helps to improve endurance. And finally, there are low-dose carbohydrates, coming from natural sugars in the drink, these carbs help ensure that our bodies are ready to absorb fluids properly.

Why is Beachbody’s formula better than Gatorade or other sports drinks?

It comes down to a couple of simple factors…

  1. Hydrate is all-natural
  2. Other sports drinks contain TONS of added sugar

Most big-name sports drinks out there contain added artificial colors (you really think that bright blue is natural?) and flavors. Hydrate, on the other hand, is made with all-natural ingredients! And sugar… can you guess how much sugar is in the average bottle of Gatorade? 34 grams! And the amount of sugar in Hydrate? 9 grams.

34 grams of sugar vs 9 grams… Which sounds better to you?

Too much sugar in sports drinks can make them harder for the body to absorb and digest. And get this, in some cases, they can even dehydrate you! What?!

How do you prepare the drink?

While Energize’s water to mix ratio depends on your weight, Hydrate depends on how long you’re working out. So, your drink measurements might vary from day-to-day. No matter how long you’re working out though, preparation is the same: combine Hydrate formula and water in a blender bottle or glass and mix thoroughly!

Hydrate servings sizes:
30 minutes: 1 scoop + 8oz water
60 minutes: 2 scoops + 16oz water
90 minutes: 3 scoops + 24oz water

When should you drink Hydrate?

This is Beachbody’s during-workout formula, meaning it’s designed to drink throughout your workout. Whenever you have a quick break between sets or reps, take a swig and keep going!

What does Hydrate taste like?

Hydrate only comes one flavor: Citrus.

It’s a very light citrus flavor, nothing overpowering. Some people have mixed thoughts about the taste of Hydrate (I like it!), but I think that’s due to the fact that they’re expecting something more like those sugary sports drinks. Keep an open mind without expectations and I’m SURE you’ll like it, too!

Think your sports drink is in need of an upgrade?

Give hydrate a try! And let me know what YOU think of the taste when you do!

Get a sample-size with 10 servings

Or dive straight in will a full container

If you’ve tried Hydrate before, leave a comment and let me know what you thought of the taste? Too flavorless or the perfect light flavor?

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