I utilize a variety of different programs to help my customers achieve their weight loss and health goals. And trust me, they are all effective. It all boils down to putting in the work, get mentally tough, and fighting for what you want. It is that simple.

I host monthly, and sometimes, bi-monthly health and fitness challenges. In my 6 years as a Coach, these have been KEY to helping my customers engage and stay consistent in their goals. The way I see it, most people have tried everything to lose weight. In fact, I was one of them. I drank and ingested every pill, potion, powder on the market. Many of those were later banned by the FDA! Scary to think the damage I did to my body. But I get it, most people are just like me. So I take a simple and healthy approach to weight loss. And I want my customers to understand that when you start your journey with me that it will be hard and this is definitely not a quick fix. This will take time, energy, sacrifice, work ethic and long-term consistency. But when you do that, your entire life will change in massive ways. You would have {Raised the Bar} in your fitness.

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The start is always the hardest. That’s why my goal is to keep it as simple as possible. These are the four tools that I believe are the key ingredients to success for those starting (or re-starting) their fitness journey.

21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix is my initial go-to program for 90% of my customers for a variety of reasons. Before I completed this program for the first time, I was working out close to an hour a day, and while I ate fairly healthy, my portions were gigantic. I had no idea what, when and how much food to eat to get the results I wanted.

The program is so special because of its foolproof nutrition plan that is effective and incredibly easy to follow. The color-coded portion control container system is absolutely genius! No more guessing – what used to be a difficult concept, nutrition is now as easy as red, yellow, green, purple, blue and orange.

Anyone can do it, you do not feel deprived, and for a girl that looooves to drink wine, it is perfect. HA! And since Shakeology is built into the nutrition plan, you can guarantee that you are consuming all the nutrients your body needs to help you gain energy, lose weight, and feel amazing. And let’s not forget the 30 minutes, bootcamp-style workouts that include a kick ass modifier for beginners. Even for someone already into fitness, they will be challenging enough to make massive change in your body.

*Results Vary

80 Day Obsession

This program is called 80 Day Obsession for a reason — it takes an obsession! But after 1 round of this program I learned that I was so much more capable than I was giving myself credit for. It completely changed my mindset. I no longer felt “stuck” in a body I hated, I felt strong and confident again!

The timed-nutrition plan is unique in that it’s 100% laid out for you. It not only teaches you what foods to eat and the portion sizes, but it teaches you when to eat them depending on when you workout. And the workouts? There’s a brand new workout every-single-day — not the same 6 videos on repeat each week! You really feel as though you have your own personal trainer in your living room progressing you through this 3-month program.

Will 80 Day Obsession challenge you? Yes, but it will also completely transform your body and mind in the process!

Beachbody On Demand

Once you’ve mastered the color-coded container system and have revved up your fitness engines, the world of fitness is yours with Beachbody on Demand. It is like the Netflix of fitness. No joke.

This online streaming system of workouts is the wave of the future and includes with your base membership workout programs like 80 Day Obsession, P90X, X2 & X3, Insanity, 21 day Fix, and The Master’s Hammer and Chisel to name a few. And then, if that wasn’t enough, you can unlock some our newer programs like Country Heat, Cize, Insanity: Max 30 and plenty more at a fraction of the cost. And all the nutrition plans and program guides are included!


Perfect nutrition has never been easy for me. In my big, fat Cuban family Abuela fried everything and never served me a vegetable. In fact, I didn’t eat vegetables until I completed my first round of our 21 day vegan detox program. Insane, right?

Thankfully, Shakeology came into the picture. I call it my health in a glass. It is loaded with all things healthy – superfoods, vitamins, nutrients, protein, digestive enzymes and other cool stuff that just sounds really healthy. I can go on and on as to why everyone needs to have a shake a day. It really is the best addition to my daily regimen.