9 Week Control Freak: Test Group Phase 2

9 Week Control Freak Control Track Equipment

July 10, 2020

OH HEYYYYYYYY! We’ve now completed Phase 1 & Phase 2 of Autumn’s new program, 9 Week Control Freak. ANDDDDDDD —


Got that off my chest. Hand to heart — I freaking love this program. And you will too. But before I share why, I’m sure you are dying to know — “how much weight have you lost?!?”

OK OK number crunchers

Phase 2 of 9 Week Control Freak Results

My Phase 2 Results:

  • -7 to -9 lbs (depending on the day)
  • -2+ inches around the waist

Danny’s Phase 2 Results:

  • -15 lbs
  • And lean AF

I started at 149 lbs and have seen 140 on the scale since starting. That’s mindblowing given the fact that I have enjoyed wine and Prosecco throughout the program! 

But, mostly, have been staying around 142 lbs and I am not too focused on losing more weight because I feel F’ING AMAZING! I’ve also lost 2+ inches around my waist!

Danny has lost around 15 pounds and has leaned out like crazy. Check out our end of Phase 2 pictures below!

Alright, here’s why I love this program… 


So far, I’ve been sworn to secrecy about so much! I actually had so much more info written out to share with you, and then, at the last minute had to change it up as we were given the “rules” about what were allowed to share about 9 Week Control Freak! But, I’m going to share as much as I can with you!

What types of workouts can you expect to see?

There are 3 main types of workouts you’ll see each week:

  • 3 DCT Days (Density, Complexes, Tabata)
  • 1 Cardio & Core Day
  • 1 Total Body Toning Day

Plus 2 rest days — you’ll love those, too! 

What can you expect from the exercises?

Here’s where I can say much, but here’s what Autumn shared on her blog about the workouts…

“This is a 3-in-1 program that shreds, strengthens, and turns you into a fat-burning machine! 

The workouts are fast & incredibly effective! This program is full of metabolic training to improve your strength and endurance, plus muscle-building combination moves, and fat incinerating cardio exercises. 

But let’s be clear here, short does not mean easy! This program is called “Control Freak” for a reason. And being a Control Freak means pushing the envelope to reach your goals.

So what is 3-in-1 cardio strength training?

3-in-1 Cardio Strength Training: 

  • Density Rounds: the ultimate hybrid of metabolic and strength training.
  • Complex Sets: 2 or more exercises performed back to back with no rest.
  • Tabatas: maximum effort in just 4 minutes with these fat incinerating moves.”

As soon as I can share more from my experience, I promise I’ll keep you updated! Until then, you’ll have to trust me — IT IS GOOOOD!


For this program — you’ll need ALL THE THINGS. 

  • Control track & bands
  • A step
  • Core ball
  • A mat 
  • And, of course, dumbbells.

And I’m LOVING it. I will say that at first you may be overwhelmed by the change in equipment throughout each workout, but you will get used to it and start moving quicker. The use of the bands and control track introduce so many new and innovative moves with a range of motion that we’ve never felt before.

Trust me, you are going to feel the burn and see changes in your body because of it! 


As noted in my first blog, you get to choose your path when it comes to the meal plan that you want to follow.

You can stick to foundational fix, timed-nutrition, or carb-cycling — all detailed in The Ultimate Portion Fix.

Given that it is Summer, we are in quarantine, and have spent most of our time in the Keys, we decided on Foundational Fix. (I am eating in Plan B, if you’re curious.)


100% DIALED IN to my nutrition. While I am enjoying wine and Prosecco, my eating has been spot-on and I attribute my success to this mindset. I am measuring food with my containers, which makes the world of difference. And I have not felt deprived or felt overwhelmed at all. The results are definitely showing! 

OKKKKK, more to come real soon.

I have to keep hush-hush until Summit 2020 when this program is announced to everyone and I am giddy with excitement!

STAY TUNED for our FINAL RESULTS at the end of Phase 3! 

Want in on the Test Group Experience, too?!

When 9 Week Control Freak launches I’ll be hosting my own EPIC Test Group Experience. But, this isn’t a beginner program, so I want to invite YOU to start prepping with me now. Fill out the form below to reserve your spot.

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