9 Week Control Freak: Final Results & Review

August 31, 2020

They say time flies when you’re having fun, right?! 

Well, that’s exactly what happened to us over the last 9 weeks crushing 9 Week Control Freak together. We had a blast getting into the best shape of our lives — no joke.


When Autumn said that “we are in control” she meant it. We decided to go ALL-IN with our workouts and nutrition while also enjoying the Summer and a few cocktails. And I truly believe that it was that mindset that helped us get ridiculous results!

So I am sure you want to know the stats — here they are.

Our Final 9 Week Control Freak Results

My Final Results

  • -10.4 lbs total
  • -2.5 inches around the waist

Danny’s Final Results

  • -12 lbs
  • -3 inches around the waist

INSANE results!

While I don’t measure success by a number on a scale, I will say this… I finished the Ultimate Reset at 143 pounds (my lowest ina while) so seeing 138 at the end of these 9 weeks was WILD. Especially, considering I had wine and Prosecco the entire time! 

I’m not saying this will be everyone’s experience, but I do know that these workouts combined with a super focus on nutrition will lead to BIG results!

AND AND AND — I have a big announcement! 

Danny and I were selected to be part of Autumn’s ZOOM cast for the actual filming of the program! We are currently filming at home each day and soaking up this entire experience. What an honor!

Once we can talk more freely about the program I will update my blog with more detailed information about the workouts — I cannot wait for you to see how unique it is! 

For now, head to my last blog HERE which includes what Autumn herself says about 9 Week Control Freak!

Want in on the Test Group Experience, too?!

When 9 Week Control Freak launches I’ll be hosting my own EPIC Test Group Experience. But, this isn’t a beginner program, so I want to invite YOU to start prepping with me now. Fill out the form below to reserve your spot.

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