I take a simple and healthy approach to fitness, whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or just feeling happier in your own skin. This isn’t a quick-fix, it’s a lifestyle change, and it won’t be easy in the beginning, but nothing worthwhile ever is! It takes commitment, consistency and effort, but once you have the right mindset and the tools to get you there you can do anything.

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Everyone starts their journey with Beachbody for a different reason—losing baby weight, combating health problems, or just getting back to their high school weight. My team has seen some amazing transformations and their stories and accomplishments inspire me every day. These type of stories are the reason that I wake up every morning motivated to help others to accomplish their goals!

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Becoming a Beachbody Coach has changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined! There are so many benefits to Coaching that you just don’t find with other weight loss and fitness programs—you become a part of a team and gain a massive support system. Even if you aren’t interested in helping others, you can become a Coach just for the awesome discount!

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My Transform :20 Review: A Skeptical Inside Look

Hi. Me again. Habitual test group junkie, Kristina Delgado. You either don’t know me or perhaps stumbled on my 80 Day Obsession results. Either way, I am so glad you are here. And I’m sure you are over the small talk already and want me to get down to it. And here’s...

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Discover Transform :20 — Shaun T Is Back At It!

UMMMM, this came out of left field.  I, for one, thought we’d never get another Shaun T program.  I mean, he’s a dad now. I thought he would be hanging up his Super Trainer sneakers!  I WAS WRONG.  Dead wrong. Among other things, one of the major...

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Ultimate Portion Fix: The 21 Day Fix Meal Plan Revamp

If you’ve completed any Beachbody program in the last 5 years, then you’ve probably used the Portion Fix containers — almost every meal plan uses them in some form! Well, now those containers are getting an overhaul with the Ultimate Portion Fix, coming March 2019!...

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