Discover Transform :20 — Shaun T Is Back At It!

November 1, 2018

UMMMM, this came out of left field.  I, for one, thought we’d never get another Shaun T program.  I mean, he’s a dad now. I thought he would be hanging up his Super Trainer sneakers! 

I WAS WRONG.  Dead wrong.

Among other things, one of the major announcements at our 2018 Coach Summit was a brand new program from none other than the amazing Shaun T — hell yes! And when they announced this program at Summit you could FEEL the energy in the room. It was insane! Transform :20 is going to be your new go-to program. Why?

It’s only TWENTY MINUTES per day.
And you only need ONE piece of equipment.

I was lucky enough to be part of the Coach Test Group
See My Transform :20 Review (Weeks 1-5) Here

Transform :20 Program Breakdown:

  • Trainer: Shaun T
  • Intensity: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Program Length: 6x/week, 6 weeks
  • Workout Length: 20 minutes
  • Equipment Needed: Step (I’ll talk about this below)
  • Best For: Burning fat, toning, abs, legs, booty, upper body
  • Release Date: VIP Early Access January 14, 2019, BOD April 1

What is Transform: 20?

Transform :20 is Shaun T’s (creator if Insanity!) newest program and he’s doing things a little differently this time.

I know. In my blog about LIIFT4 I said, “it’s the perfect program for busy people.” But this one is coming in at a close second! Yes, LIIFT4’s workouts are short (only 30-40 minutes) and only 4 days/week, but at just 20 minutes each, this is definitely a contender!

Similar to LIIFT4 & 80 Day Obsession, each day will be a NEW workout — never repeating the same workout twice.

It’s not all about the physical transformation.

Yeah. This program is going to work your body — abs, legs, arms, booty — but it’s also about transforming the mind. On day 7 (your rest day) there will be a new weekly video to help sharpen your focus, visualize your goals, and push yourself!

Transform :20 Results

See my final results from the Transform :20 Test Group here!

Transform :20 Questions Answered

What’s the nutrition plan for Transform :20?

You have the option of following two different meal plans for this program:

  1. The Transform :20 Meal Plan
  2. Or 2B Mindset

Just like many other Beachbody programs, the Transform :20 plan uses the Portion Fix container system. It gives you a simple formula to use to figure out which bracket you fall into and container counts for each day — simple! 

More than likely you’ll be down a bracket or 2 than other programs you’ve followed (I fell into plan A — yikes!), but since the workouts are shorter, your body will totally be able to handle it without feeling like you’re starving.

What equipment is needed?

These workouts are 100% bodyweight — no weights. And there’s only ONE piece of equipment you’ll need, and it’s what Beachbody is calling “The Step.” Yeah, like the step used in step aerobics back in the day. But it’s 0% like that. I promise! 

What are the workouts like?

I’m not going to lie, like I shared in my review, the workouts are challenging AF — but they have to be. Remember, you’re only in it for 20 minutes, and it’s going to push you to your limit for that that entire 20 minutes. It’ll be hard, but nothing you can’t do, and the results will be totally worth it.

There are 3 Phases to the program: Commit, Climb, and Conquer. As you progress through each phase, the workouts get harder and the moves become more intricate (similar to 80 Day Obsession). 

There are 5 weekday workouts: Burn, Faster, Stronger, Powerful, and Cut. Each workout has a different focus. There will be lots of fast feet movements on the steps and plenty of pushups, burpees, and lots of ab work!

And finally one for the weekend: Balance. This consists of some lighter cardio and strength work, and lots of stretching.

When will Transform :20 be released?

This seems to be the new norm for our programs. It will launch in 2 phases:

  1. VIP Early Access: The program is currently on sale at, this means Challenge Packs, Completion Packs, Accessory Bundles, or Stand-Alone Digital VIP Access.Early Access workouts for Transform :20 will be on Beachbody On Demand starting January 2019.
  2. Without Early Access: VIP Early Access begins January 14, 2019 all other BOD subscribers will gain access to the program starting April 1st, 2019.

Want To Give It A Try?!

I’ll be hosting monthly Challenge Groups for anyone wanting to try this program with me! I’ll help you get set up with the right Challenge Pack, help with nutrition planning, and encourage and motivate you every step of the way!

Fill out my online form.



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