What is Shift Shop? All Your Questions Answered!

September 5, 2018

UPDATE: Shift Shop Proving Grounds

Since I originally shared this blog there’s been MORE added to the program. What?! Yes! Starting October 2018 you can test your limits and compete with Chris in the Shift Shop Proving Grounds.

What is the Shift Shop Proving Grounds?

Here’s what you need to know… You’ll start the program with a new Prep Week featuring 15-minute “Quick Shift” workouts to give you a sample of the exercises and eases you into the program. Then, you’ll move onto two Proving Ground workouts that will help you score your starting performance!

Then, as you progress through the program you’ll test yourself at the end of each week at the Proving Grounds. Put your abilities to the test with the goal of beating last week’s performance! 

Shift Shop Proving Grounds



Guys, I cannot express how excited I am about this program! Have you heard about Shift Shop?

I had the chance to meet Chris Downing, the creator of Shift Shop! This man has real-world experience in training sports teams and pro-athletes. Everything he put into this program comes as a result of what he’s seen proven to deliver the best results. Meeting Chris made me even more excited to do this workout!

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What are Workouts Like?

Beachbody describes Shift Shop as a “3-week rapid rebuild.” (Check out the results below, can you believe most of them are from just 3 weeks?!) What Chris has created is a mix of cardio and strength training, with each week ramping up in length and intensity.

Week 1: Shorter 25-minute workouts 6-days a week to help you focus and get committed to the program.

Week 2: As your body begins to get use to the workouts, 10 minutes are added to each workout—35 minutes each!

Week 3: Just like the previous week, the length and intensity ramps up. Be ready for 45 minutes of high intensity fitness! It’ll be challenging, but week 1 and 2 will have prepared you for it!

Sundays are a rest day, but include an optional stretching program to help you recover.

What is the Shift Shop Meal Plan?

Have you ever used the Portion Fix containers by Beachbody, like the ones used in 21 Day Fix? Shift Shop uses these same color-coded measurement containers, but adds it’s own little twist. Each week, as your workouts change, your meal plan will also change.

Week 1 will feel similar to the meal plan you may have followed in other programs using Portion Fix containers, but with a more specific list of foods.

Week 2 will ask you to cut down on starchy carbs, revving up protein and veggies.

Week 3 takes it a step further and completely cuts out your yellow container (carbs), while increasing healthy fat and proteins with unlimited vegetables.

Shift Shop Results

Before Beachbody releases most new programs they reach out to a ton of Coaches to become part of an exclusive Test Group. Well, those Shift Shop Test Group results picture are rolling in, and let me tell you, they’re UNBELIEVABLE ! I remember being asked to be in the 21 day Fix Test Group and I literally made it my J.O.B. to get results and prove our products work. These Coaches did just that!

*Results vary

Shift Shop FAQ

Who is this program for?

ANYONE! That’s the joy of this program. If you’re just getting back into fitness after falling off the bandwagon, this is a great program to get to back into the swing of things. If you’re just starting your fitness journey and need to lose weight, you’ll see tremendous results! And if you’ve already been working out regularly, you’ll take your fitness to the next level!

This program isn’t geared specifically toward people looking to lose weight or looking to gain muscle. It involves BOTH cardio and strength to help you lose weight and feel stronger!

Is Shift Shop a hard workout?

The program is challenging, but it’s something that anyone can do! Each week amps the a little helping you gain the stamina and strength to keep up. Plus, for each workout there’s a modification. So if you’re struggling keeping up, switch over to the modification and you’ll be able to keep on going!

What equipment will I need for Shift Shop?

  • The Shift Shop markers
  • A set of weights (the size is up to you and your strength)
  • A good mat to add bit of cushion for certain workouts

If you’re using Beachbody On Demand, the markers will be available to purchase separately through Team Beachbody. If you purchase a Challenge Pack they’ll be included in your order!

How much space will you need to move around?

If you have a cramped living room, you might need to move some furniture around. You don’t need a ton of space for the workout, but enough to move around a bit from side-to-side as well as back-and-forth without running into anything.

Okay, Lets Recap:

  • 3 weeks long with increasing intensity each week
  • 6 days a week for 25-45 minutes
  • Cardio and strength with optional Sunday stretching
  • Minimal equipment needed
  • Portion control meal plan with small changes each week
  • Good for weight loss and muscle building
  • Great for all fitness levels

Are You Ready to Make the SHIFT?

Join one of my upcoming monthly Challenge Groups and try the program for the first time right alongside a ton of other motivated people just like you! Plus, I’ll be there to help you every step of the way!

Send me a message HERE or leave a comment below if you’re interested in joining! 


  1. Karen

    Hi Kristina….
    I just finished my first shift shop prep week workout . It felt great I’m so excited to continue for the next four weeks

    • Kristina Delgado

      Awesome! Hope you’re still loving it. Are you working with a Beachbody Coach?


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