A Little MORE Obsessed | New 80 Day Obsession Workouts

September 7, 2018

A Little MORE Obsessed?! STOP what you are doing right now — legit, you have got to read this!

By now, you should know that I am completely obsessed with 80 Day Obsession. I mean, come on, it changed my life, got me in killer shape, and I finally gained control over my nutrition. You cannot beat that.

80 day obsession final before and after results

It promised amazing results and it delivered amazing results to those that went ALL IN — without a shadow of a doubt.

I’ve hosted the most amazing groups for hundreds of women and men who crushed this program just like me.

You can follow my entire 80 Day Obsession journey and learn more about the program here.

80 Day Obsession: Part 2?!

So this week when Autumn surprised us and said that she had created 6 new and intense workouts as a sequel to 80 Day Obsession — I DIED. Dead. Pick me up off the floor. GIVE THEM TO ME NOWWWWWWW! And it’s called — A Little More Obsessed. So perfect.

What can you expect from A Little More Obsessed?

From what I can see in the promotional video, these 6 new workouts are tough and have all new moves, new sequences, new everything really! And, yes, loops and sliders galore!

  • 6 New Workouts (1 Week)
  • Shorter Workouts (45 Minutes)
  • More Intense Exercises
  • Uses Loops, Sliders & Weights

So who can get these workouts?!?

Everyone with a Beachbody on Demand subscription, of course! BUT.

There’s always a BUT. Especially when it deals with 80 Day Obsession (see what I did there? HA!)

For real though, if you want access to these workouts before January when it goes up into the Beachbody on Demand catalog, then you have to be on Home Direct subscription of any one of our many amazing nutritional products — we’re talking Shakeology, Performance Line, or BEACHBARs!

If you already have a subscription to one of the above, you my friend are a badass with a good ass. And if you don’t, get on it! Send me a message and I can help you get started.

Haven’t Tried 80 Day Obsession Yet?!

I’ve been hosting a new accountability group each month for anyone wanting to try 80 Day Obsession for the first time! Fill out the form below to join us!

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