My 7 Year Beachbody Coaching Anniversary

Seven years since the day I said “yes” to this business. I will never forget that night, August 23, 2010. I had already been thriving with Shakeology and my sister, Becky, had asked me to sign up as a coach. She wanted to go Emerald, and well, I wanted a discount on my shakes! What I didn’t know is that seemingly insignificant act of going to a website, paying $40, and becoming a coach would eventually change the course of my entire life.

In honor of that milestone, I decided to take a jog down memory lane to remind myself and others what it takes to get to where I am now, in both business and life. I hope you can draw the lessons of this journey through my memories. It is not always easy, but it’s sure as hell worth it!

2010 beachbody coaching


I was lost. Behind this smile was someone desperate for something more. The vacation that we went on was paid on credit cards. I took off the only days I had of time off after going back to work from maternity leave. It was August. I prayed neither kid would get sick because finding someone to watch them while we worked was stressful. We were hit hard by the collapse of the financial markets.

Life seemed impossible. $45,000 in credit card debt, $70,000 left in law school loans, a house we really couldn’t afford!

I hated my body. I wore a one piece and thought I’d never feel myself again. I was a mom, that was the end of my personal identity. But I watched my sister do it. She had kids too, but she woke up and pushed play. P90X and then Insanity. She became a coach to help dig her family out of financial trouble. I didn’t want to become a coach. I wanted nothing to do with Network Marketing. But I did want to be me again.

So I said YES. Sign me up for that discount, I’ll drink that shake.

beachbody coaching 2011


I’m BAAAAAAAAAAACK! I went from mom-jeans to bikinis with Shakeology, dabbling with P90X, and one solid ALL IN round of Insanity: The Asylum. At this point, I’d lost 65 pounds and became the girl that “didn’t eat vegetables, not a single vegetable.” I was waking up at 4:30 in the morning to get my workouts in before my hour long commute to the office. I had a “no excuses, get shit done” mentality. I tried my first case (and won) the same summer I committed to Asylum.

I started my first challenge group too. It was called Group One (Maite R. and Susy R. were my first victims, I mean customers). They still are!

In my business, a lot happened. I sold my first bag of Shakeology pretty early… and it was returned. My 4th week as a coach and Beachbody deducted money from my bank account. But this was a hobby for me at this point, so no sweat off my back! When Becky asked me to go to an event with her I complied. Not because I actually wanted to be there but because it was important to her. I wanted to support her in every way I could. She already believed. I didn’t. Not yet anyway.

But that’s when I listened, felt, and embraced what Beachbody was all about. This wasn’t about home parties. This was about changing people’s lives.

Wait a second. It already changed mine. So, let’s rock and roll!

Team Sista Diesel was born, which would later become Diesel Nation.

beachbody coaching 2012


Alright, I’ve drank the Kool-Aid. In 2012, I got a triple dose of Beachbody events: the Success Club Trip to Atlantis, Summit in Las Vegas, and Leadership in Dana Point, California. There was no turning back after that. I was ALL IN!

That Atlantis trip was a dream come true for various reasons. First, I was literally in the best shape of my life. We finished (from start to finish) P90X2 right before leaving on this trip. And we crushed it! It was also my first time qualifying for a trip. Before this, Danny and I hadn’t traveled in a really long time. It was magical for that reason alone. I earned it. I felt accomplished and empowered. And lastly, and probably a defining moment for me and for the years to come, I heard one line at a session that changed my thinking forever—”The biggest business that will be built isn’t even sitting in this room yet.”

Those words gave me VISION. Not only for our business but for LIFE. I don’t know what success means yet but I sure as hell am going after it.


In November of this year, DJ was diagnosed with Autism. The biggest shift in my life was coming.

beachbody coaching 2013


A transformative year for me. Both internally and externally. We were in the throes of figuring out how to manage DJ’s Autism diagnosis. Seemingly overnight, we had to part ways with our Nanny, we placed DJ in the daycare we trusted, and then he was “let go” because they couldn’t handle him. I would receive phone calls at work from his “teacher” while he was in a full blown tantrum so I could hear him crying. Then I had to slap a smile on my face and walk into a deposition. It was tantamount to human torture.

It was in those moments that I realized he deserved better. We deserved better. And in an instant, I was a mom whose soul was set on fire. I went from lawyer one day to mom—the most important title I would ever hold.

I made the decision to retire from the practice of law, but we weren’t financially ready yet.

In order to accomplish that goal, I knew I needed to grow. I needed to become a better leader for my team. I needed to step up into the responsibility of running an organization and all the trials and tribulations that would come with that. I couldn’t double our income with the mindset of a Diamond Coach, I needed to act, think, and process information like a Superstar Diamond Coach. And that I did. I needed to understand that it was me and only me that would prevent this from happening. Coaches that think it’s dependent on the team are sorely mistaken.

People came into our business and they left. But leaders stayed and grew with us. And the team expanded like wildfire! This is the year Becky and I decided to rebrand our Team from Team Sista Diesel to Diesel Nation because success wasn’t just ours—it was our team’s too.

And then the game changed when a perky, super fit Equinox trainer walked into our leadership retreat, sat next to Carl Daikeler and introduced us to the 21 Day Fix. Her name was Autumn Calabrese. I remember leaning over to Danny and saying, “I need this.” I guess with DJ’s diagnosis and the stress of work, I started easing up on my fitness routine. And It showed.

When I was chosen for the test group for the program I treated it like it was my JOB. Was it easy? Hell no, I was right smack in the middle of a wrongful death case’s trial prep. During the 3 Day Fix at the end, I was in marathon depositions and would have to stop the depositions to eat. When there’s a will, there’s always a way.

We ended the year as an Elite Team for the second year in a row!

2014 was setting up to be life-changing.

beachbody coaching 2014


I’m HOME. In May 2014 I walked into my boss’s office and turned in my letter of resignation. It was definitely bittersweet. I didn’t hate practicing law and I loved my firm but my purpose was so strong and it no longer made sense to continue practicing law. I was now 100% committed to being a wife, mom, and full-time coach.

But let me honest, this first summer at home was odd. I was used to cramming Beachbody work into every free minute I had and now I had time freedom. I was a disorganized mess! But once I got my bearings, it was business as usual. And because of the success of the 21 Day Fix, our Team doubled in size, and it felt like overnight.

I started to feel the pressure of leadership and a responsibility I hadn’t ever felt. When we started our team, I knew everyone’s name, their favorite flavor of Shakeology, and what their “soulmate” program was. By this time, I didn’t know everyone anymore. That was insane to me. People who felt like perfect strangers were counting on me (and our leadership) to guide them. We didn’t have an “upline” with systems and trainings. This was on us and it was unreal. It was confirmed why personal development was a necessity to survive.

By this time, our local events grew from a couple hundred to easily over 500 each quarter. Our system became the model for all future events nationwide. This made us so proud. Still does.

My passion for this business was super ignited when I started being asked to present at the national level. While I had already spoken at Summit en Espanol and the National Wake Up Call, in 2014 I spoke at Summit in front of thousands of coaches and then the ultimate honor of presenting at Leadership.

Hook, line, sinker. In 2015, I’m setting my eyes on Superstar Diamond and the Million Club. Our Team is ready to make moves!

Let’s do this.

beachbody coaching 2015 million club


Our Superstar Diamond and Million Club year. Wow!

I still look back at those two milestones with such gratitude. Thank God I didn’t quit all those times I tried to convince myself to, thank God I didn’t listen to the critics, thank God I didn’t absorb the decisions of others as my own. Thank God I kept working, kept inviting, kept focused on WHY we do this. Thank God I kept investing in my personal growth. Thank God I stayed committed to finding the right people that share my passion. This business is hard, but I chose this hard any day. Over and over.

When I shared the vision to become a Superstar Team with my coaches, they stepped up. They went after their own goals and we pulled together as a team—it was beautiful. I will never forget that and never take it for granted. I’m forever indebted to our team for being so incredible.

We began to enjoy the fruits of our labor and spread the love to our team, hosting our first retreat at our Key Largo home. As luck would have it, we would celebrate my 35th Birthday in Santa Monica for Superstar Day and then head to Napa for the most memorable getaway.

2015 was perfect. And it ended with a call from Jeff Hill.

beachbody coach 2016


So actually there were two calls that came from Jeff Hill…

The first one was asking if I’d participate in the coach Advisory Board. The second, asking Becky and I to share our story on the main stage at Summit.

Two of the most incredible honors I’ve ever been bestowed. Both times I was speechless. Kinda still am. And having our parents at Summit to watch us present was such an epic moment in all of our lives!

But, me? The one who started so skeptical about this business, who knew nothing about network marketing, who labeled herself a discount coach for months? I was floored that in 6 short years my life could change so much, so profoundly. All because I took a chance and worked hard. Stayed steadfast to the mission despite massive failures and roadblocks. When I got knocked down, I simply got back up, dusted myself off, and got back to work.

At Summit last year, I got to share a mantra I’ve learned to live by—LEAN IN. And boy, did we have to in 2016. Lean into the challenges of growing a business, lean into the challenges of growing this kind of business, lean into each other. Last year, was a transition year for us. While we made a huge shift to digital, putting DVDs behind us, some lost their visions and belief. Some did not embrace change. Some chose not to lean in.

That’s OK. It is OK. 2017 is coming. International expansion is on the horizon.

beachbody coach 2017


My 7 Year Anniversary of the day I went to my sister’s website, filled out the short form, paid $40 and became a Team Beachbody Coach.

Throughout the last 7 years, I’ve learned so much about myself—who I am and who I want to become. I’ve learned so much about people and their desires and motivations. I’ve learned so much about leadership. And I’ve learned so much about life.

Never in a million years did I picture this for myself. The idea of NOT being a lawyer anymore would have never crossed my mind. Even when I started the business, I was adamant that I would never quit my job.

But things change. I’ve changed. I feel I am a better person today than I was before this experience. I’ve grown into a person that has a vision for her future on her own terms not dictated by anyone or anything else.

I want this for everyone willing to have that same vision for their life. My goal was to give you a glimpse of the process that is this business. I believe that people sign up and see what coaches have done years into their business and are disillusioned by what it takes to get there. They lose perspective on what it takes to build a business, and not just this business, any business.

If this business can earn you a million dollars, you have to treat it like a business that can earn you a million dollars.

I shared that one year at Summit when I had just figured out that THAT was the secret to this business. It’s not luck, or position, or upbringing, or skills. It’s the sheer desire to keep pushing forward despite the obstacles you will face in building a business. It’s the sheer belief that this will work for you and not just for me. It is the sheer notion that you are able to trust the process in good and in bad times. And that you have the courage to share it with anyone that will listen.

Today, while Diesel Nation is growing and now heading into the United Kingdom this fall, I am treating my business as DAY 1 with the entire future ahead of me. I am more fired up than ever before!

#IAm and forever will be #TeamBeachbody

*Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.”

But if you LEAN IN, you can do anything!


  1. Rachele Anzalone

    Beautiful story, and thank you for sharing! you inspire me to be better! Change is possible!

  2. Amanda Gonzalez

    I’m laying here in the worst health I’ve ever been in. Went from a triathlete to someone with a diagnosis no one can figure out. Excess water retention, not related to anything countless tests reveal is frustrating. I’ve taken months off from being a Nurse Practitioner to focus on health all the while left with no energy to even focus. I don’t know where to start. Reading this, feeling like I want change for me, for my family but still lost on that first step challenge. How, when and seriously can I change my mindset are all running circles, forget it, sprints in my head. Help is the only word I can muster up right now.

    • Kristina Delgado

      Hey Amanda! Can’t believe I missed these comments and didn’t reply. How are you feeling? Would you like to chat more about 80 Day Obsession as option for you? If not too late, please email me at


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