80 Day Obsession Phase 3 Review & Results: The Home Stretch

October 27, 2017

OH, HEYYYYY! I am still here. Promise. I’ve been somewhat slacking on blogging because our team was preparing for the launch of our company in the UK! It was an amazing experience to be a part of such a monumental event in our business. London was incredible!

At the point of writing this, we are actually on our way back home to Miami on a long 9 hour flight, so I definitely have some time to talk to you about Phase 3 of 80 Day Obsession, which included flying over 4000 miles! We were away from the comfort of our own gym, our food, and our own time zone! Was it hard? Yes. Did we crush it anyway? Yes! We made an 80-day commitment even when across the pond!

Crazy to think how time has flown. Feels like just yesterday we were preparing for Week 1 and here we are—having completed Phase 3, 12 weeks later.

You may be asking how the hell we did that while traveling across the Atlantic and I promise I will get to that in a second. For now, let’s talk about Phase 3 and all the incredible changes I’ve undergone.

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How was Phase 3 of 80 Day Obsession?

Phase 3 Workouts

Phase 3 workouts are tough! I’m not even going to sugarcoat it. Lots of compound movements, lots of heavy lifting, ridiculous cardio, and did I mention plyo? Oh yea, lots of plyo moves. Bring on the shred phase! But like they say—with challenge comes change. We embraced the challenge.

Phase 3 Schedule

  • Monday: arms, abs, and butt
  • Tuesday: cardio
  • Wednesday: legs
  • Thursday: total body
  • Friday: cardio
  • Saturday: butt
  • Sunday: rest

80 Day Obsession Workouts

Phase 3 Meal Plan

The nutrition plan for Phase 3 of 80 Day Obession remains the same. PLUS, we had two refeed days thrown in the mix. I decided to not change my strategy of eating out of Plan C. Given the intensity of the workouts and the fact that I felt great, I didn’t find it necessary make an adjustment down or up.

80 Day Obsession Refeed

Our 80 Day Obsession Phase 3 Results

Personally, Phase 3 has been ALL about NSVs. Non-Scale Victories, baby!

Weight Loss

You would likely be surprised to know the scale has NOT moved for me in Phase 3. While I did have a freak out moment, I realized all the incredible things happening to me—both mentally and physically. If you have weight loss goals with this program, don’t get stressed out. My situation is not the same as everyone else. I simply believe my body is really growing muscle at this point and completely leaning out.

And hey, having lost 20 pounds since the start IS pretty outstanding. As of today, I am down two pant sizes, I am wearing clothes I hadn’t worn in years, and I feel incredibly fit.

One of my goals was to shape my arms again and I keep receiving so many compliments. Score! Oh and my butt, it’s shaped, it’s firm, and it rocks!

Strength & Endurance

Another very impressive NSV has been my improvement in strength. I am lifting weights heavier than ever and my muscular endurance has improved drastically. My cardiovascular endurance is also through the roof. On key indicator of this is how I perform doing Cardio Flow. Once you get into the program, you’ll understand. HA! This workout is my arch nemesis and it is TOUGH. But it’s crazy cool seeing how far I’ve come since the first week of the program. Now, I’m pushing through, focusing on my form, while crushing the entire workout!

The Mental Shift

And lastly, I cannot even begin to explain the mental shifts that have occurred. I know I talk about this a lot but I don’t want this aspect of the program swept under the rug. Just 74 days ago I was a totally different person! I will address this topic fully in my FINAL blog, but in Phase 3 the mental victories become more readily apparent.

At this juncture of the program, it’s not just a program that you do—it’s truly a lifestyle.

The nutrition plan does not control me, I control it. The workouts are scheduled into my day and there are no negotiations that occur as to doing them or not. I have an hour block each day that is absolutely non-negotiable. This also makes me more productive in my work.

The end is nearing, but I’m not done!

While the end is near and that glass of wine is on my mind, I am not phased by not being part of the “test group” soon. Unlike other programs that I fall victim to the cheats and binge eating, I don’t want any of that. I am looking forward to just living in this new mindset. And, I mean seriously, who travels to London and actually loses weight?!? THIS GIRL. Those 5 days were truly a test of will, I can’t lie. BUT we did it. We made an 80 day commitment. We even ate at pubs and found great options that fit our plan. I was actually shocked!

And here we are—PEAK WEEK! Will share my decision on the nutrition plan and how the workouts change in my final 80 Day Obsession blog. For now, I am getting ready to crush the last week of this program. What a wild ride it’s been!

Stay tuned!

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