My Final Transform :20 Results & Honest Program Review

November 29, 2018

Better late than never, right? It’s been a few weeks now since I finished up the Transform :20 Coach Test Group, and if you read my last review (if not check it out here), you know that it started off a little rocky — like wanting to quit after Day 1, rocky. Yeah. It happened. But I persisted and finished the program strong, figuratively and literally! Currently, I am doing my second round and incorporating the SIX new weight workouts created post the original test group and… THEY ARE AWESOME!

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But I am sure you’re anxious to see my final results after one round. See, I know how this works. You want the numbers and the pictures. To see how much weight and inches I lost and to dissect my before and afters. Ha! I know because I’ve done that too! So, here it is but I NEED you to keep reading! Deal? Don’t look at the results and stop there!

My Transform :20 Results

My results aren’t mind-blowing to most people’s standards, but like I mentioned in my last blog, I just came out of my “fittest year ever,” and I didn’t have a lot of weight that I wanted to lose. 

In total, I lost 8 pounds and 9.5 inches — 3.5 inches in my waist alone!

For me, Transform :20 was all about building strength, endurance and continuing my journey with sustainable results! And I sure as hell can say that this program got me there! I feel strong, I look strong, and I’m more focused on my health and fitness than ever before.

Would I recommend this program?

YES! Regardless of your goals, I truly believe everyone needs to do this program. Sure it will be hard even for the fittest people around but it’s so much more than a fitness program. While I was skeptical about the 20-minute workouts, I realized that it’s not the length that matters, (that’s what she said, ha!) but rather what you do in those 20 minutes.

More importantly, this program has the ability to change your mindset. And as Shaun T preaches, if you can conquer your mind, you can transform you life. THAT IS TRUTH!

By Week 5 and 6 of round 1, I felt powerful, I felt alive, I felt in control, and I felt empowered. Now that is something I would invest in over and over again. The breakthroughs will come to those that trust the process, stop making excuses and go all in. Because that is exactly what happened to me. I began to hear the messages loud and clear and that is what got me through this experience. And guess what? I had fun in the process!

You can’t beat 20 minutes and an incredibly simple meal plan.

I never once felt overwhelmed or stressed. Everyone has 20 minutes a day, everyone can drink a shake a day, and everyone can eat portion-controlled meals each day. This is the winning combination.

I am tired of the yo-yo dieting and I am sure you are too. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Let’s get on a long-term plan, let’s start with Transform :20 and create your “fittest year ever.”

My goals for everyone that decides to join my initial Test Group is that this is either:
  1. The continuation of their health and fitness journey because they’ve been kicking butt with me for a while; or
  2. The beginning of a partnership where we create long-lasting and sustainable results.

Want to learn more from Shun T himself?!

Watch this 30 minute call from the man, Shaun T himself to get you psyched for this journey:


Ready to To CRUSH It With Me?

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