The Truth About 2B Mindset: My Honest Review

June 11, 2018

I hope by now you understand that I’m an open book. I don’t lie to make a sale. If I don’t like something, I will say it. If I don’t think it is worth purchasing, I will be honest. Why? Because my integrity and reputation matters and I didn’t become a Coach for the money. I became a Coach because Shakeology changed my life and because I understand, first hand, how fitness can impact your life in more ways that you can comprehend!

Not sure what 2B Mindset is?
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2B Mindset Program Materials Review

After completing 80 Day Obsession and falling in love with timed-nutrition, I was worried about the release of 2B Mindset. (If you haven’t heard of 80 Day Obsession, you can check it out here.) And many of the Coaches on my Team felt the same. We had invested all of our energy into 80 Day Obsession and switching gears to another form of nutrition was overwhelming and scary.

Above all else, I was skeptical.

While I had seen friends of mine drop enormous amounts of weight as part of the Test Groups for 2B Mindset, I had still some reservations about this program.

My Initial Worries About 2B Mindset

First of all, the “exercise as a bonus” thing was a non-starter for me. Exercise is essential and a key component to what I have preached now for almost 8 years. I was worried how that would look to those that follow me. I mean seriously, I had just gone balls to the wall on my fitness with 80 Day Obsession so I thought I would look like a sleazy salesman now saying it was “optional.”

Second, my body had grown accustomed to eating 5 (sometimes 6) times a day! Dropping that number to 3 or 4 made me hungry just thinking about it! I didn’t understand the purpose of that and slowing down my metabolism was not something I wanted to intentionally do at age 37. HELL NO.

Third, I hate watching videos. Yes, I said it. I have the attention span of a 5 year old when it comes to learning off video. Give me a book, give me a lesson plan, do not give me videos. And lastly, I heard that one KEY principle of 2B Mindset was weighing yourself daily. Ummmmmm. No.

SHIT. This is going to be hard for me.

What I Learned After Talking With Other Coaches

In order to get my personal shit together for the release of this program, I came up with a marketing plan for our Team. While some were ready to go with 2B Mindset there was a group (like me) that was also struggling with 2B Mindset given all that we had learned from 80 Day Obsession and timed-nutrition.

There were a few groups of us… first, those ready to go all in.

What I learned in doing this exercise is that there would be a group of people who would go ALL IN with 2B Mindset perhaps because they weren’t too fond of the container system, failed at it, or just needed a simpler way to live life and lose weight.

There were also a group that latched on to the concept of combating “emotional eating” issues with this program.

Hmmmmmm. Was I living in nutrition la-la land? It seems like 90% of the population struggles with emotional eating! Literally, had no idea and I surmise the reason is that there is a stigma attached to emotional and binge eating that people don’t like to talk about.

Well, guess what? Now we are talking about it!

Then there was the group I fell into to…

Those that use the portion containers and like a more regimented nutrition plan.

How would this fit into our lifestyle?

Well, after doing research and speaking to those in the test groups I realized that for us, we didn’t have to completely switch gears but could use this program as an educational tool and gap-filler during the times of the year where a regimented plan just isn’t feasible.

With Summer coming and a trip to Italy in the plans, I thought, “now THIS I could wrap my head around.”It is a TOOL not the RULE. While I can eat timed-nutrition the majority of the time, when we are at the Keys or on vacation, I can use the strategies I learn with 2B Mindset to not completely fall off the rails. This made me EXCITED.

My Experience With 2B Mindset

I bought the program the day it was released, but I didn’t dig in immediately. Right after the release of the program, my grandmother fell and broke her hip. Thankfully, because I have work freedom due to Beachbody, I was able to drop everything and help my family that was in need. Ultimately blessing.

But one day while sitting at the rehab facility, one of my Coaches sends me a text and challenges me to start watching the videos while my grandmother slept. Sometimes you just need a kick in the pants, right?! Well, I through on my headphones and started watching right from my phone.

WHOA. From the first video I watched welcoming me to 2B Mindset I fell in love with Ilana Muhlstein.

And the videos?
They were SHORT!

Remember my attention span thing? Well, I was pleasantly surprised that the videos help my attention. In fact, I binged watched like 15 of them that day and learned so much.

  • I learned about the 2B Mindset principles and the “2 bunnies”.
  • I learned the “why” behind our food.
  • I learned the purpose of the different food groups.
  • I learned some of the strategies behind choosing meals for weight loss and weight gain.

The water bottle never leaves my side now and is a constant reminder to eat on purpose. And dare I say it — I bought a scale!

Kristina Delgado 2B Mindset

I don’t want to give away the kitchen sink because that would be pointless. Everyone needs to experience it for themselves if they feel it could benefit them.  But I will say this:

I totally get it now.

I get why so many of the test groupers were completely in awe of this program. I get how you can lose weight with it and keep it off long-term. I get why this program opens up the doors to a new segment of the population who isn’t ready for extreme fitness. I get how you can overcome “eating and food issues” with this program. I get it. I get it because I had to experience it for myself.

“Did you stop timed-nutrition?”

So the million dollar question I am getting is “Did you stop timed-nutrition?”

The simple answer is YES and NO. Ok, not that simple right?! HA!   

I am eating timed-nutrition 80% of the time because I love it and love the portion control containers. I can be a volume eater (like Ilana talks about) but I like to reign it in because I know myself and don’t want to slip into bad habits. But I am incorporating 2B Mindset by eating more veggies than normal (especially on days where I am enjoying cocktails), drinking TONS of water and weighing myself.

Don’t be afraid of the scale.

I have found that the weighing part has been KEY in not slipping into old patterns during this time of the year when it is easy to get “relaxed” with nutrition. When I ended 80 Day Obsession I was weighing around 140. Today, I move from 142 to 147 and stay in that range. Since I am building muscle now, I am ok with those fluctuations and intend on getting strict again when the new school year starts.

So, that is MY truth with 2B Mindset.

I think everyone should learn from it because man, there is a lot to learn when it comes to nutrition. I stand behind this program 100% and intend on continuing to help others with their nutrition using it. The subject of nutrition has always been a complex one — I am proud of Beachbody for coming up with solutions for EVERYONE.

What did others have to say?

Check out some of these comments I got after sharing this blog on my Facebook page!

Real 2B Mindset Reviews

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  1. Gina Pratt

    Thanks great feedback! Thank you! I too loved 80 DO and the nutrition plan, but It’s hard for me to stay strict so I like having the information to help with all that from the 2b mindset. I was skeptical at first and still have some videos to watch but I am using some of what I learned into practice and will see how it goes.

    • Kristina Delgado

      You’re welcome, Gina! The 80 Day Obsession nutrition is pretty regimented in the timing/container counts, so 2B Mindset will definitely help you out with flexibility in nutrition. Hopefully you’ll fall in love with it as you continue with the videos!

  2. Ashley

    Hi Kristina,
    I am one of those typical females who have always wrestled with her weight. I’ve been the gym-rat focusing on weight lifting, I’ve been the marathoner focusing on PRs, I’ve been the paleo/keto/every diet out there also. Each worked in its own way, but none have become a LIFESTYLE for me. And a lifestyle is what I’m seeking. Would you recommend 2B as a good starting base for someone who has not worked with BeachBody products before? I am and always have struggled with my relationship with food and nutrition, and I’m just wanting to find a safe place to begin and stick with long-term. With my crazy schedule, I need something that allows for home cooking but ALSO eating out. That is where I have the most trouble. Is 2B the answer for me?

    • Kristina Delgado

      Hi, Ashley! Being that it’s not a diet or a strict meal plan, I really feel like 2B Mindset can work for ANYONE no matter what diets they’ve tried int he past, no matter what their fitness level, and no matter how much experience they’ve had with Beachbody. I’ve seen it help so many of my customers, all at very different starting points! The program is definitely a great for people with crazy schedules and has great advice for times when you have to grab a meal out. If you’re interested in giving it a try, you can fill out the form on this blog and I’d love to chat more with you about it and answer any specific questions you have!

  3. Stephanie

    This was super helpful! THANKS! I have been wondering about this program, and I think it could be a good fit for me.

    • Kristina Delgado

      You’re welcome, Stephanie! If you aren’t already working with another Beachbody Coach, please feel free to fill out the form on this page — I’d love to help you get started when you’re ready and answer any other questions you might have!


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