Introducing: Mes de Más! Beachbody’s Spanish Program Review

May 29, 2018

Mes de Más… Month of More.

I’m so excited about the launch of this new program for two reasons:

  1. This will be Beachbody’s first workout program filmed in Spanish!
  2. My SISTER was a part of the cast.

beachbody spanish workout program

Not only was she a part of the cast, but she was the damn intensifier in the program — I could not be more excited for her or more proud!

Here is what Becky recently said about Mes De Más and why you are going to LOVE this program!  

“It’s literally for everyone. Beginner to extreme and everyone in between. You can modify or throw in a sandbag. Have limited time? These workouts are 30 mins max.  No equipment at home? No problem. All you need is a mat. Don’t have a ton of space at home? Perfect. You just need space to move around the mat. Traveling this summer? Perfect. You can do this program anywhere.  Like to workout in groups? Invite your friends over for a sweat sesh. Get a workout in at work during lunch or after work. Want Hispanic recipes? Great! The nutrition plan will provide some. Want to be challenged with body weight training? This is great for you. The workouts get more challenging week to week allowing you to make consistent progress. Idalis Velazquez is a BADASS! You’re going to love her style.”

Do you really need more info?! Ok, ok — here is the program overview…  

Mes de Más Program Overview

  • Trainer: Idalis Velazquez
  • Difficulty: Beginner–Intermediate
  • Language: Spanish (primary), English (voiceover)
  • Program Length: 4 weeks
  • Commitment Time: 30 min, 6 days/week
  • Equipment Needed: Yoga mat
  • Release Date: VIP Early Access Open Now, Available on BOD Oct. 1st

What is Mes de Más?

I had the opportunity to try the program before its release and I crushed it! I was sweating up a storm, my legs were shaking — despite not using any equipment, it was a killer workout! Whether you speak Spanish or not (it’s dubbed in English, too), I promise you’re going to LOVE these workouts.

With only 30-minutes/day and just a yoga mat required, it’s going to be my go-to program on vacation. For sure!

They’re quick and effective workouts that ANYONE can fit into their schedule.

about Mes de Mas Spanish Beachbody workout program

What are the workouts like?

There are 24 unique workouts (similar to 80 Day Obsession and LIIFT4) to help you progress through the program and never get bored!

There are 6 different types of workouts:
  • Upper Body: Focusing on the chest, arms, shoulders, back, and core.
  • Lower Body: Working the quads, glutes (BOOTY!), hamstrings, and calves.
  • Cardio: 10 simple moves to help you burn calories!
  • Agility: You’ll use your yoga mat in 3 different folded positions to help increase the intensity and precision of each move.
  • Mobility: A stretching routine to increase flexibility, help you recover, and improve your workouts!
  • Total Body: Challenging your legs, arms, chest, back, booty, and core while improving strength, balance, and endurance.
Each week builds on what you’ve learned in the previous weeks.
  • Week 1: You’ll spend more time getting used to the workouts and movements.
  • Week 2: Build on what you’ve learned focusing more on endurance and intensity.
  • Week 3: Adding more complex movement to challenge you further.
  • Week 4: The final week to show how strong you’ve become!

What equipment is required?

The only required equipment for Mes de Más is a yoga mat — seriously! You do have the option, however, to use a sandbag to intensify some moves!

The entire program is designed using nothing but bodyweight resistance!

Is there a Mes de Más meal plan?

Of course! Each Beachbody program comes with its own nutrition plan, and Mes de Más is no different. Except for the delicious Latin-inspired recipes, which you can bet I’ll be making!

You’ll know exactly what type of foods each day and exactly what amounts of each.

Can I do Mes de Más if I don’t speak Spanish?

YES! I mentioned this above, but the entire workout will also have an English voiceover. Even if you don’t speak Spanish you’ll still be able to follow along without a problem!

When will Mes de Más be available?

There are a few different dates to remember:

  1. July 16th–Sept. 30th – VIP Early Access: When you purchase any of the Early Access Challenge Pack options, you’ll have access to all of the Mes de Más workouts immediately.
  2. Oct. 1st – Without Early Access: If you don’t want to purchase Early Access to the program, the workouts & materials will be available to ALL Beachbody On Demand Subscribers starting October 1st.

Who is Idalis Velazquez?

mes de mas beachbody trainer

Even if you’re familiar with Beachbody you may have never heard of Idalis! That’s because she’s a NEW Supertrainer with Beachbody. And even before Mes de Más’s release, she’s already filmed a new prenatal workout program with Beachbody!

Idalis has a story that many of us can relate to…

Growing up, fast-food and veggie-less meals were what she lived on (I was right there with you, girl). After two endoscopies, medical setbacks, and becoming a mother, she decided that she needed to do something different! She started making small changes, like drinking more water, sleeping more, and replacing empty calories with more nutritional calories (like swapping lard with olive oil).

Eventually, all those small changes turned into a new lifestyle.

Flash forward, she’s now a NASM-certified personal trainer who focuses on the Latino community with super-efficient workouts that ANYONE can fit into their day!

Sound Like Something For You?!

Even if you don’t speak Spanish, this program has been spectacular through my vacation in Italy — no equipment needed. Hello, perfect vacation program! So, please, don’t dismiss it thinking, “but I don’t speak Spanish,” there’s an English option as well and it’s such a great workout!

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